What a Great Dog! Training Center - Every dog can be a great dog!

Every dog can be a great dog!


Pet Manners

Everything you need to transform your dog into a well mannered family member.

Dog Agility

Get a great start or expert coaching in this popular, active dog sport.

Nose Work

Work as a team with your dog, using the power and joy of his sniffing ability.

Rally / Obedience

Our top notch program will take your teamwork with your dog to new heights!

Ring Rentals

Ring Rentals available to WAGD Students!

Specialty Classes

We have classes in Tricks, Conformation, Therapy Prep, Flyball, and more!

Private Lessons

Just the ticket for focusing on problem behaviors or to speed up your training progress in any area.

Other Services

Veterinary rehab, chiro and acupuncture. We also host a groomer for regular nail trims.


  • Two 16,000 sqft indoor facilities in DFW.
  • Each facility has an Agility Ring, two training rings, a private consult room, and seminar space.
  • A unique retail shop at each site with training gear, dog food, and supplies.
  • Fun, Effective, Positive Training!