October 5, 2016

Agility Schedule

Agility 4 – 6 Week Classes (Ongoing classes are at the bottom of this page)

Classes with available space have an “Enroll” button. Contact us if you’d like to be added to the wait list for a full class.


Agility Ongoing Classes

These classes are ongoing (no start or end date). Many have space available. Please contact our front desk or the listed instructor to inquire about joining any of these classes.

  Class Name Day Time Staff Location
  Pupgility™ (Ongoing) Wed   10:30 am  T.C. Cappel  Richardson
Sun   3:45 pm  Robin Terrell  Richardson
  Agility Novice (Ongoing) Tue   7:15 pm  Ryan Lockard  Richardson
Wed   11:45 am  T.C. Cappel  Richardson
Wed   4:30 pm  Ryan Lockard  Frisco
Wed   6:00 pm  Ryan Lockard  Frisco
Wed   7:15 pm  Ryan Lockard  Frisco
Thu   1:30 pm  Ryan Lockard  Frisco
Fri   11:00 am  Ryan Lockard  Frisco
Sat   8:00 am  Ryan Lockard  Frisco
Sat   11:45 am  T.C. Cappel  Richardson
Sat   11:45 am  Ryan Lockard  Frisco
Sat   1:00 pm  Ryan Lockard  Frisco
Sat   2:00 pm  Ryan Lockard  Frisco
Sun   9:00 am  Ryan Lockard  Frisco
Sun   10:15 am  Ryan Lockard  Frisco
Sun   12:45 pm  Ryan Lockard  Frisco
Sun   2:00 pm  Ryan Lockard  Frisco
  Agility Novice – Advanced (Ongoing) Mon   9:30 am  Rachel Downs  Richardson
Wed   8:00 pm  Rachel Downs  Richardson
  Agility Advanced (Ongoing) Sat   10:30 am  Ryan Lockard  Frisco
  Agility Bronze (Ongoing) Mon   8:00 pm  Jody Lolich  Frisco
Tue   10:00 am  Jody Lolich  Frisco
Tue   6:00 pm  Jody Lolich  Frisco
Wed   10:00 am  Jody Lolich  Frisco
Wed   11:00 am  Jody Lolich  Frisco
Wed   7:00 pm  Rachel Downs  Richardson
Thu   8:00 pm  Rachel Downs  Richardson
Thu   8:15 pm  Jody Lolich  Frisco
Thu   9:30 am  Jody Lolich  Frisco
  Agility Silver (Ongoing) Mon   7:00 pm  Jody Lolich  Frisco
Tue   7:00 pm  Jody Lolich  Frisco
Thu   10:30 am  Jody Lolich  Frisco
Thu   11:30 am  Jody Lolich  Frisco
Thu   7:00 pm  Rachel Downs  Richardson
  Agility Silver – Gold (Ongoing) Mon   10:30 am  Rachel Downs  Richardson
  Agility Gold (Ongoing) Tue   10:00 am  Rachel Downs  Richardson
Wed   9:00 pm  Rachel Downs  Richardson
Thu   7:15 pm  Jody Lolich  Frisco
  Agility International (Ongoing) Tue   8:00 pm  Jody Lolich  Frisco
  Agility Drills Advanced (Ongoing) Mon   6:00 pm  Jody Lolich  Frisco
  Agility Skills & Drills – Nov (Ongoing) Tue   1:00 pm  Rachel Downs  Richardson
  Agility Skills & Drills – Adv (Ongoing) Mon   1:15 pm  Rachel Downs  Richardson
Thu   9:00 pm  Rachel Downs  Richardson
  Agility – Fast & Fun (Ongoing) Mon   11:45 am  Rachel Downs  Richardson