January 21, 2017

AKC Agility Course Test Event on Sept. 8th

tunneACT1 and ACT2 Testing Event

Friday, Sept 8, 2017 6 PM
at WAGD – Richardson

Entries open on August 15 and close when run limit is met

Are you ready to earn your dog’s first agility title? Join us for some fun at WAGD!

The first level test (ACT1) will be a 10 – 12 obstacle course consisting of jumps, tunnels, table and low A-frame (5′). The second level test (ACT2) will be an 11 – 13 obstacle course which can consist of jumps, tunnels, table, low A-frame (5′), dog walk, spread jump and weaves.  For each level, two qualifying runs are required to earn the title.

Entry Fee: $15 per run (max of 2 runs per dog)

Classes Offered: ACT 1 and ACT 2 (Two Rounds of Each)

Entry Method: Pre-entry is required. Note: this is a change from the first ACT we hosted. The entry form can be downloaded using the link below.

Running Order (small to tall)

  • ACT 1 – Round 1
  • ACT 1 – Round 2
  • ACT 2 – Round 1
  • ACT 2 – Round 2

ACT Flyer and AKC Entry Form

Link to online payment for your entries

Link to AKC info on this program