September 28, 2016

Choosing between Agility Foundation and Intro to Pupgility™

Both of our paths in agility are a lot of fun! And, don’t worry, if you decide to change paths you’ll be able to do that. The best choice for you and your dog will be based on your goals and whether you’re ready to commit to practicing in between classes. Here’s the scoop:

Agility Foundation is the prerequisite for the series of classes that will teach you and your dog to run complete agility courses, along with all the handling moves necessary.  You’ll be on the track to progress up through our higher level agility classes and (if you choose to) to have all the skills needed to compete at agility trials. This class will require some at home practice (you’ll just need a couple of jumps, and eventually a set of weave poles).

Intro to Pupgility™ is the prerequisite for our ongoing “just for fun” agility class that we call Pupgility™. These classes do not run full courses and do not prep you for advancing through our advancing levels of agility classes. However, it’s a ton of fun and does not require at home practice. You’ll train jump, tire, tunnel, low dog walk, low a-frame and more. Need help deciding on the best fit for you and your dog? Ask us and we’ll be happy to help.