May 30, 2015

Great Dog!

This program is designed for those that want to go beyond basic training to develop a truly GREAT dog! These classes teach more advanced obedience behaviors and put a big emphasis on impulse control. Our goal in this program is to help your dog become the kind of dog that you can fully rely on his behavior in a wide variety of challenging real-life scenarios.  Many people choose to do this program in parallel with a specialty area, like Therapy, Rally, Nose Work or Agility.


Class List

Great Dog! Foundation (also called Manners 3)

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Description: In this dynamic class, we will perfect the basic commands you learned and proofed in Pet Manners 1 and 2, add some snazzy refinements and tricks, plus prep for the new Canine Good Citizen Advanced evaluation (note: the evaluation is included in the class). This class emphasizes applying your dog’s obedience skills to your real life. Perfect for those interested in working toward Therapy Dog certification, joining WAGD’s Great Dog! ongoing classes or just having an awesome family companion.


  • Successful completion of Manners 2 (passing the CGC is NOT a requirement)
  • Dogs must be current on vaccinations

Class Fee:

  • $150 for 6 sessions, each 50 minutes long
  • Enrollment is for 6 consecutive class meetings at your designated day/time. No make-ups are available.

Great Dog! (Ongoing)

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Description: Ready to take your training beyond typical pet manners and commands? Each week we’ll spend about half the class time doing fun, but challenging obedience practice. Building impulse control is stressed. During the last half of each class, we’ll use clickers to train some advanced behaviors and tricks. Many exercises are performed off leash and with the handler at a distance.

This is an ongoing class, you can join any time there is an opening. Many people choose to stay in this class long-term as they refine and advance their teamwork. This class is designed to help you develop a truly great dog!


  • Successful completion of Great Dog! Foundation (Manners 3)
  • Instructor Approval (the nature of the exercises done in this class requires a high degree of reliability with strange dogs and strange people)
  • Dogs must be current on vaccinations

Class Fee:



For availability of ongoing Great Dog classes, please contact us.