October 28, 2015

Agility Ring Policies

Our synthetic turf is the ideal surface for training agility indoors. But, having the turf does create the need for strict policies in some important areas.

Potty Accident Policy

  • If your dog repeatedly marks or potties in the ring, they will be excused from agility classes at WAGD.
  • Prevent accidents:
    • Your dog is only allowed on the turf when he is running. Not while you’re walking the course, setting bars or talking.
    • Don’t allow sniffing before, after or during your run
    • Take multiple outside potty breaks, if needed.
    • If you think your dog may pee on the turf, use a belly band (males) or britches (females) as an insurance policy
  • Handle an accident properly by IMMEDIATELY spot clean the area thoroughly with the spray cleaner and shop towels located in the ring

Treats use

  • Be SURE that any treat that hits the floor is eaten or picked up right away
  • No crumbly treats
  • We encourage the use of tugs, toys, training tubes and “lotus” balls during training

Agility Ring Rental

  • Must be a current WAGD student in Agility 3 or higher.
  • Private ring rentals are available at a rate of $20 per half hour, it can be shared with other students at a rate of $10 per student
  • The agility equipment may not be moved, except setting jump heights.
  • To improve the affordability of ring rentals, we encourage you to share your rental time with other students.