July 15, 2017

Schedule for Worked up Waggy

Description: This class is designed for the dog whoBarking on leash (2) gets too excited when he sees other dogs when he is out on leash. The structure of this program presents opportunities to practice calm reactions to dog distractions in a class environment. Exercises build each team up at their own pace and teach how to adjust and set up the dogs to be successful. The group will also practice a wide range of obedience behaviors to challenge focus and impulse control. Students wanting to join other classes will also find these sessions perfect for preparing themselves for the challenges they’ll face in group training classes.


Requirement: WAGD Instructor Approval – Must first have at least one private lesson with a Senior Trainer to evaluate reactivity and teach appropriate protocol for handling.

Fee: $170 for 6 week class (note: enrollment will be held to a maximum of 4 – 6 dogs)

NOTE: Worked Up Waggy is an ongoing class. You can start at anytime (if there is space in the class). Call 972-677-7094 to enroll in this class.