Did you know the AKC offers an opportunity to earn your dog’s first AKC agility title virtually? WAGD will be hosting a fun match with the ACT 1 Jumpers courses available. You can run for fun or film your runs in order to submit for review by an AKC judge and count towards a title!

For an ACT 1 Jumpers title your dog must successfully complete a clean run on two different courses. Those courses can be viewed on the AKC website if you’d like to see what they are!
VIEW HERE – We will be running the ACT 1J rounds E and F. Only jumps and tunnels included!

There is no judge and no teacher for this event, as it is a fun match. If you are interested in submitting your runs for evaluation, just make sure you understand the rules for video submissions. All the rules for the virtual ACT program can be found HERE!

***Each round is a separate fun match***

ACT 1J Round E will be ran from 11:00am – 12:30pm

ACT 1J Round F will be ran from 1:00pm – 2:30pm

Each run is 2 minutes and you may use toys in the ring. Food rewards will need to stay in a fenced off area but may be accessed throughout your run.


  • Dogs must be proficient on all obstacles or here to practice them. This is not an intro agility type event.

Class Fee:

  • 5 runs for $20 or
  • $5 per 2 minute run.

Sign up today!