AKC Agility Course Test Event on February 8, 2020 - What a Great Dog! Training Center
May 21, 2019

AKC Agility Course Test Event on February 8, 2020

ACT1 and ACT2 Testing Event

Saturday, February 8, 2020 5:30 – 9:30 PM
at WAGD – Richardson

Are you ready to earn your dog’s first agility title? Join us for some fun at WAGD!

If you and your dog can complete long sequences in class, you’re ready to give this a try! This event will include both AKC ACT 1 and ACT 2 testing.
Entry fee: $20 per run with a max of 2 runs per dog.
There will be a maximum of 50 total runs.
Classes offered: ACT 1 and ACT 2 (Two rounds of each)
Entry Method: Pre-entry required and is a two-step process.
1) Fill out premium (see WAGDR front desk) and mail-in or hand deliver to the address on the premium no later than January 25th, 2020.
2) An entry form must be completed and turned in before enrolling in this course. You can either turn the form in at the Richardson front desk OR mail in your entry form with a check for your runs.
Entries accepted until January 25th or until the trial is full, whichever comes first.
Check-in begins at 5pm. Briefing/walk-through will begin at 5:30pm. Plenty of crating space will be available.
Running order (small to tall):
ACT 1 – Round 1
ACT 1 – Round 2
ACT 2 – Round 1
ACT 2 – Round 2
More info on the ACT:
The Agility Course Test (ACT) is an entry-level agility event to introduce beginnings of dogs and handlers to the sport of agility and the AKC agility program. Dogs may be entered at any of the following jump height divisions: 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, or 24 inches. There is no Regular or Preferred distinction in the ACT program, and a measurement and/or jump height card is not required to enter an ACT event. You’ll find the specifics of what is covered in the test on the AKC website at www.akc.org/events/agility/act-program/
All dogs fifteen (15) months of age or older may enter provided they have not earned any AKC Agility Titles. Dogs must be physically sound as described in Chapter 1, Section 3, Paragraph 7 of the Regulations for Agility Trials.
AKC registration is required to receive the ACT 1 and ACT 2 titles, but is not required to participate in the event. In order to acquire the title certificate and have the title added to a dog’s record, the dog must be registered/listed with the AKC. Canine Partners applications may be accepted at the test by the judge/evaluator and submitted with test results. Dogs that are not AKC registered/listed may participate and their performance will be recorded by the AKC under a temporary number. This temporary recording number will be e-mailed to the owner and must be used when entering subsequent ACT events and when the owner registers/lists the dog. Note: Temporary recording numbers may only be used to enter ACT events.
All dogs must be held on a short leash (no flexis) or securely crated when not in the ring. All AKC regulations will be followed. Including the allowed collars when a dog is competing. At the handler’s option, dogs may run a course with or without a collar. The only collars allowed when running a course are flat buckle or rolled leather collars, and there shall be no attachments or hanging or otherwise allowed on the collar (i.e. no tags allowed).
Bring a crate with you so your dog has a place to relax while you walk the course. There are a limited number of “public” crates at WAGD. Those will be available on a first come, first serve basis.