Canine First Aid Seminars - What a Great Dog! Training Center

Canine First Aid Seminars

These seminars will give you important information for determining when your dog is need of help and what to do!

Developed and presented by Arden Moore, America’s Pet Health and Safety Coach, thes dynamic seminars are designed specifically for the most critical info dog owners need to know. Basic First Aid topics include:

  • How to perform a head-to-tail wellness assessment
  • Why your (state of) mind does matter when treating an injured dog
  • Decoding the color of your dog’s gums
  • Mutt-gyver hacks on restraining/transporting an injured dog
  • Effective way to stop bleeding and wrap cut paws/legs
  • How to identify early signs of bloat
  • Why you should become a ‘poopologist
  • Hidden dangers of hydrogen peroxide
  • Three surprising poisons to your dog
  • How to help your dog who is choking
  • Do’s and don’ts for dogs in hot weather
  • The real buzz on treating insect stings

About Arden and Kona: Arden Moore is a master certified pet first aid/CPR instructor who travels the country conducting veterinarian-approved, hands-on, customized pet first aid classes to pet parents and pet professionals. She is joined by Pet Safety Dog Kona, a terrier-mix shelter ‘alum.’ Kona is a graduate of What a Great Dog as well as a certified therapy dog. She loves being a canine teaching assistant for Arden’s pet first aid and pet behavior classes.