Grooming Fundamentals Seminar - What a Great Dog! Training Center

Grooming Fundamentals Seminar

Get the tips and tricks you need to keep your dog looking and feeling great

jessica rohrbough bio picThis session goes beyond just the basics and covers expert tips to take your dog’s care to the next level! Professional groomer, Jessica, will share plenty of live demos and video footage to illustrate each technique. Here’s what you’ll learn in this dynamic seminar:
  • Grooming tool selection, based on your dog’s coat type
  • Pro tips for bathing & brushing (get your dog as clean as the pros do!)
  • Ear cleaning dos and don’ts
  • Nail trimming – clipping and grinding
  • Techniques for tooth brushing
  • Clipping paw pads safely and effectively
  • What you should know about anal glands
  • Plenty of time for Q&A
Requirements: Everyone is welcome to sign-up (both WAGD students and non-students). No dogs allowed, except the demo dogs. Please list your breed(s) in the “tell us about your dog” section at enrollment.
Fee: $35, pre-enrollment is required. Sign up here!