Ongoing Class Policies - What a Great Dog! Training Center
April 20, 2018

Ongoing Class Policies

Our more advanced weekly classes are in an ongoing format. In other words, you join the class and stay with that same day/time until you give notice to drop it. The roster and payment policies are different than our lower level session classes (e.g. 6 week classes), in that you remain on the roster indefinitely (until you give notice). The price per visit drops, but to hold your spot on the roster you must pay for every week that class is held.

To join these classes, you pay in advance for at least four consecutive classes. You are committing to being charged for each week that the class is held (even if you don’t attend). If the class is not held (due to holiday, instructor absence, etc), you will not be charged.

If you’d like to come off the roster and not pay for class, while you take a break or go on vacation, that’s not a problem. But, we cannot hold your spot on the roster. You are required to give notice that you want to be removed from the roster with 1 WEEK WRITTEN NOTICE (please send an email to Then, 1 week prior to the date you want to start back you can be added to a roster. But, we cannot hold a spot on the roster for your re-entry date until no more than one week before you plan to come back. The reason for this policy is to prevent classes from running with open spots when there are students anxious to fill those spots. Give us a call when you’re ready to return and we will work hard to find an appropriate class that has an opening for you.


  • Your enrollment in class is Ongoing, meaning that you are on the roster until you give notice to drop the class.
  • When you want to drop the class, you must give 1  WEEK WRITTEN NOTICE sent via email to
  • You are responsible for payment for all classes up to the cancellation effective date


  • Class packs (multiples of 4 for each ongoing class in which you are enrolled) are purchased for consecutive class meetings and hold your spot on the roster. Please note: Payment is for consecutive classes HELD (not attended). For example, if you miss a class, you will still be charged.
  • Your class pack will not be used if WAGD cancels class
  • Your options for payment:
    • Auto-pay – our system automatically re-news your pack when it runs out by charging your credit card on file. You can opt out of this option at any time.
    • Manual Payment – This option requires you to go online, stop by our office, or give us a call to make payment on or before the last day of your pack.


  • $88 for each 4-pack for all Ongoing classes
  • 5% discount is given for 12-packs, $264 ($13.20 savings)
  • Class Drop-Ins are $28 per class. This is only an option with instructor approval and as long as there is space on the class roster. This option does NOT guarantee you will have a space in class.

See FAQs for more policy info