Ashley Dickerson joined What a Great Dog in 2014. She is a Pet Manners trainer, who currently leverages her passion for puppy development by specializing in the Great Puppy Day School program. Ashley loves helping families build communication skills with their dogs successfully by developing strategies and plans that benefit everyone in the household. She is an avid advocate for creating fun activities for dogs and their families to do together to shape positive relationships. Ashley understands that living with a dog is not always easy, and can be frustrating, and strives to bring compassion and understanding to the human end of the leash.

Ashley started in her dog training journey in 2010 as an apprentice trainer at Dog City Training Center. She also previously worked at a veterinary practice and a boarding facility, learning many components of the pet care industry. Soon after joining WAGD, she took on the role of an assistant manager with a focus on WAGD’s retail store. She was a very early advocate for the power of using enrichment to improve dogs’ behavior and quality of life. She created WAGD’s first enrichment seminar and drove the inclusion of a wide assortment of enrichment products in our stores.

In Ashley’s free time she enjoys spending time out in nature with her dog, Jasper. She also enjoys photography, video editing, video gaming and going out with her friends.

Jasper: ARCH Jasparagus Wigglesworth CGCA, CGCU, TKA, NW3-V, NW3-E, RL3-AOE, SN

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