Mac Phillips joined the What a Great Dog! team in October 2022 after taking Puppy Preschool classes with one of her dogs. She began as a Great Puppy! Day School Assistant and later completed the WAGD Trainers education program in 2023. From there, she became a Pet Manners trainer, teaching group classes, private lessons, as well as working as a Great Puppy! Day School trainer at our Frisco location. 

Mac’s greatest interest throughout childhood was dogs, and that remains to be the case. As a high school student, Mac worked with many species of animals through her school’s FFA chapter, specialized classes, and volunteer work. She is now taking college courses working towards a degree in Animal Health and Behavior. During her education, she spent four years working with pet dogs as a kennel tech. This peaked her desire to create practical solutions to improve the lifestyles of dogs and their owners. 

Mac’s first dog is an almost three year old Border Collie Kelpie mix named Grendel, who came to her with some behavioral challenges. Because of him she became enthralled with the world of behavior modification and learning about how she could help her boy have a better quality of life. She is eager to continue her education and spread that passion of dog training to all of her clients. 

In her free time Mac and her dogs enjoy hiking and working on practical obedience skills on the trail. Swimming, disc, trick training, and even some just-for-fun obedience work are always on the table as well. She also plans to do lure coursing and dock diving with her whippet, Cynic. 

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