Mads Mathias, CPDT-KA joined What a Great Dog! in 2022. They completed the WAGD Trainer Education Program and teach Pet Manners at our Frisco and Richardson locations. They love helping humans build a relationship with their pets using positive reinforcement and patience!

Mads began their dog training career in New York City. They were a musical theatre actor and walked dogs on the side. As Mads walked several reactive dogs in the city, they developed a passion for understanding and communicating with dogs. They enrolled in the Masters Programs at CATCH Canine Trainer’s Academy, and assisted group classes around the city. They are also a Certified Yoga Instructor and taught “Dog Yoga/Mindfulness” classes as fundraisers for various rescue organizations in NYC, including Safe & Sound Satos and the ASPCA. Before moving to Texas in 2022, Mads was a full time trainer at Instinct Dog Training.

Mads lives in Dallas with their wife, Gracen, and their silly rescue mutt, Gambit. Their goal in training is to provide an enriching learning environment for both humans and dogs!

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