Class Readiness Evaluation - What a Great Dog! Training Center
March 15, 2018

Class Readiness Evaluation

Description:   In this 30 minute group session, we’ll conduct a brief evaluation which will help determine the best starting point for your dog.   We’ll also give you a few tips to get you started with your training and ready to have a great first class!   The group class environment can be overwhelming for some dogs.   Answer these two questions to decide if your dog is ready to be evaluated for entry into a group class:

  • Will your dog be relatively calm (not barking, growling or hiding) in a room with 4 – 6 strange dogs and people?
  • Will you be able to get your dog’s attention with strange dogs and people nearby?

If you answered “yes” to both, go right ahead and book your Class Readiness Evaluation.   If your answer is “no” to one or both of these questions, we’re happy to help in a Private Lesson.   Sign-up and we’ll give you the tools and strategies you need.

Puppies under 16 weeks should attend Puppy Preschool sessions, instead of a Class Readiness Evaluation. At the end of each Puppy Preschool session, there will be an opportunity for pups to be evaluated for their readiness for Manners 1 class.


  • You are able to answer “yes” to both questions listed above
  • Dogs must be current on vaccinations
  • Note: Pups 16 weeks and younger may evaluate at the end of any Puppy Preschool session
  • Review the Be Ready For Your Group Readiness Evaluation page prior to signing up.

Class Fee: Free (no charge for the evaluation)