Focus Practice Sessions - What a Great Dog! Training Center
July 27, 2018

Focus Practice Sessions


Description:   These single session classes may be just the ticket for you and your dog!   The 30 minute session will work on that fundamental skill of focusing on you when new or interesting dogs are nearby.   Many dogs become highly distracted by other dogs.   It is the number one thing that holds dogs back from being ready to participate in group classes and activities.   Lack of focus is also one of the key issues that limits the potential of many Rally and Agility dogs.

We will limit the size of the group and use the blinds where needed.   These sessions can be the ideal prep to get ready for your first group class.   These sessions can also be leveraged to supplement the work you are doing in your current group class.   We anticipate different dogs showing up for each session, maximizing your ability to work on focus with a VARIETY of dogs in proximity.


  • Dogs must either be currently attending another WAGD group class OR have instructor approval.
  • Bring your dog’s FAVORITE treats!
  • NOTE: This class is NOT appropriate for highly reactive dogs, however, it can be a great first group class experience for teams who have worked through reactivity issues in private lessons.
  • Dogs must be current on vaccinations.
  • If you are new to WAGD, review Be Ready for Group Class and WAGD Policies prior to enrollment.

Class Fee:

  • $23 for single, 30 minute session
  • No make-ups are offered for missed classes.