Pupgility - What a Great Dog! Training Center
June 8, 2018


Pupgility™ is our own brand of recreational agility fun! Dogs will learn several of the agility obstacles including Jump, A-Frame, Dogwalk, Tire and Tunnel.   Basic agility handling will also be taught.   The obstacles will be kept at a lower height for safety AND you’ll have the option to skip the pesky teeter and weave poles. Because we keep all the equipment nice and low, this class is appropriate for young dogs and even senior dogs.

Both you AND your dog are going to love this class. This class provides you and your dog a weekly chance to get out, get some exercise and have some fun together!  Only minimal practice will need to happen at home for this class. This six week Intro to Pupgility™ class will introduce all the obstacles named above.   We will also start stringing those obstacles together to create mini-courses.  You’ll start out by joining an Intro to Pupgility™ class.   Some teams may choose to take the Intro class multiple times. Once you and your dog have mastered the targeted obstacles, you’ll be ready to join an Ongoing Pupgility™ group to keep the fun rolling!



    • To join Intro to Pupgility™ – Completion of Manners 2.
    • To join Ongoing Pupgility™ – Completion of Intro to Pupgility™ or Agility Obstacles 2.
    • Dogs must be 10 months or older and current on vaccinations.
    • Reliable off leash recall.
      • Will your pup come running when you call him from across our training ring?
      • If not, we will be happy to help you develop that behavior in a private lesson.
    • Retired agility dogs, and those who have trained elsewhere, are welcome.   Just shoot us an email (info@whatagreatdog.com) to get approval prior to the class starting.

Class Fee:

    • For Intro to Pupgility™
      • Enrollment – six consecutive weekly 50 minute class meetings at your designated day/time.
      • Class Fee – $168
    • For Ongoing Pupgility™
      • $88 for each set of 4 consecutive class meetings, each one hour long.
      • Review Ongoing Class Policies prior to enrolling.
      • To drop the class, 1 WEEK WRITTEN NOTICE is required.   Please send contact information to info@whatagreatdog.com.

      Should you miss a class, make-ups are available at a discounted private rate. After enrollment, watch for a confirmation email with important details.

NOTE:  If no class times display below, please contact us to join an “interest list”.  You will then be notified when a new class is scheduled.


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