We are so excited to announce that Sarah Stremming will be at What A Great Dog! Training Center in May to teach two fantastic seminars! 

Sarah is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) and spends her time working complex cases with clients, mentoring colleagues, and presenting worldwide.

Sarah has been in the field of dog behavior for nearly two decades, and has competed in dog sports for even longer.

Sarah’s educational background includes a bachelors of science degree in psychology from Colorado State University, the Living and Learning with Animals course with Dr Susan Friedman, a decade of conference attendance, endless reading, online courses, and more.

Of equal importance is Sarah’s extensive hands-on experience with a variety of dogs and their people in training, sport, veterinary, daycare, shelter, and boarding settings.


Clarity Rules Seminar
: Friday, 5/19: 9am – 5pm

Address: 655 N Glenville Dr # 100, Richardson, TX 75081

Description: Training in loops, clean mechanics, marker systems, reinforcement strategies, errorless learning…what does it all mean? Do you actually need to know this stuff? How much does any of it actually affect your outcomes in dog training?

Regardless if you are a sport trainer, pet dog trainer, behavior consultant, or dog enthusiast you will benefit from learning how to be as clear as possible in your dog training. Sarah will explain these concepts and more, and will also help you sort out what is essential and what is extra. You will leave with a better knowledge of the practical application behind these principles, transforming your training.

Enrollment Fee:
Working Spots (SOLD OUT)
Audit Spots (Limited Space): $75
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Worked up 2.0 Seminar Saturday 5/20 & Sunday 5/21: 9am – 5pm

Address: 675 N Glenville Dr #125, Richardson, TX 75081

Description: This workshop is for dogs who are a little too much. The spinning, biting, barking, wide-eyed mess of a dog on your leash ringside is not having a good time (and you probably aren’t either). In a systematic process that includes arousal management, training, welfare considerations, and reinforcement systems, you will learn why your dog gets so worked up and what you can do about it. This workshop is designed for sport dog handlers but the principles apply to any scenario in which emotions get the best of our beloved dogs.

If you’ve already attended a Worked Up workshop or course, you will find new and different ideas in this revamped version.

Enrollment Fee:
Working Spots (SOLD OUT)
Audit Spots (Limited Space): $150
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