• Will my dog start to beg if I give him “people food”?
    In this episode of Trainer Tips, Maureen Patin, CPDT-KA answers a common question we hear: Will my dog beg if I give him real food (aka “people food”) We hope you enjoy this episode!
  • Nail Trims just got easier: How to file your dog’s nails with a Scratch Pad
    If you struggle with trimming your dog’s nails for any reason, this is the video for you! In this video Maureen Patin, CPDT-KA will be teaching you how to train your dog to use a scratch board.
  • Teaching your dog to Wait at the Door
    Have a dog who makes a dash for the door the moment you open it? This short video goes over a training exercise that will teach your dog how to hang back instead of bolting through the door.
  • Have a Dog that Digs? Help is Here!
    Digging really fulfills an emotional need for dogs. Here are 3 ideas to set up a dig space for your own dog! https://youtu.be/U0_BIakljgI
  • Jealous Dog? Make a BIG difference by doing this!
    This short video goes over a training exercise that can make a big difference with a dog who gets jealous when you pet or give treats to another dog.
  • Debunking the “Guilty” Look Dogs Give
    Have you heard of “Dog Shaming” or watched a viral video of a dog looking guilty for a mess they made? That “guilty” look is actually an appeasement gesture (or gestures) a dog...
  • He loves his treats but won’t eat his meals!
    Food is a big deal to dogs. I want my dogs to enjoy their training treats, their enrichment AND their meals. Using super yummy training treats is a big boost for your dog’s motivation during training....
  • The Best Way to Handle Puppy Biting
    Puppy biting is a 100% natural canine behavior. Its also naturally outgrown as the pup matures. Punishing for puppy biting is not recommended as it puts your pup at an increased risk for developing other...
  • New Pup and Senior Dog Woes
    Got pup???!!! Adding a pup to your family is an incredibly joyous occasion.  (Yay!)   Unfortunately, issues often arise that put a damper on the fun.  (Boo!)   Difficulties between the new pup and...
  • Training Tips for the Holidays!
    Want to make sure your dog is on his best behavior when guests arrive? Follow these three easy steps.