Service Dog Information - What a Great Dog! Training Center
April 24, 2017

Service Dog Information

At What a Great Dog! we have an excellent program for training Therapy Dogs and their handlers. However, we do not provide Service Dog training. Some people use these terms interchangeably. But, they are very different roles. Therapy Dogs are dogs that have been trained and certified to visit with other people in need of comfort. Therapy Dogs and their owners visit hospitals, rehab facilities, libraries and the like. On the other hand, Service Dogs are very specially trained to perform a task for their disabled owner.

Our Pet Manners classes can be a good start for training the basic obedience behaviors needed by service dogs. However, we do not do specific training or certification for service dogs. We get a lot of questions from people wanting to learn more about the laws surrounding service dogs and how their dog can qualify for public access under those laws. The U.S. government website for the ADA has the best information on this topic at