Weave Pole Program - What a Great Dog! Training Center
November 7, 2015

Weave Pole Program

Training the weaves?  Y2x2 weave polesou NEED practice weaves at home.  Your dog needs daily practice to learn this challenging obstacle. To make it easy for everyone to have a set of practice weaves at home, we offer the following program:

  1.  Buy a set of 2×2 weaves (6 poles) in the WAGD retail shop for $150.
  2.  Keep the weaves as long as you like. When you’re done training the weaves, either
    • Bring them back to WAGD in good condition, and we’ll buy them back for $100
    • Or, you can choose to keep your weaves permanently

The fine print:

  • Limited to stock on hand (i.e. they are not always in stock)
  • Sales tax will be added to purchase price
  •  We can only buy back weaves that were purchased from us
  • They must be in good working condition to be eligible for the buy back