Our family dogs are individuals, but they are also a part of a larger biological history. Learn about the history and origin of the modern dog, as well as the niches and roles that both humankind and nature have defined for them.
Meagan Johnson is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Family Dog Mediator who will introduce you to your dog and their rich biological background. Learn what drives your dog, what makes them who they are, and most importantly – how we can see them and enrich their lives more effectively.
You will learn about the L.E.G.S. Framework, pioneered by dog behaviorist and ethologist, Kim Brophey (author of Meet Your Dog) that shapes the behavior of the animals we invite into our hearts and homes.
Date: Sunday, December 4th at What a Great Dog! in Richardson, TX

Enrollment Fee:
  • $40 per person for this 2-hour seminar (people only, no dogs)
  • Space is limited; pre-enrollment is required. Sign up here!