We are pleased to now offer Virtual Private Lessons!

You’ll get a 40-minute (phone or video call) consultation with one of our talented trainers. The consultation will be followed with an email from your trainer containing the strategies discussed in the consultation, in bullet point format. PLUS, you have the opportunity to get additional coaching from your trainer following your consultation. For each private lesson, you can send one follow-up email, including a video clip. Your trainer will respond in a timely fashion with his/her feedback.

What kinds of things can be addressed in a virtual, online private lesson? Nearly anything we can help with in person. Your trainer will formulate strategies for you to implement to address your issues.

  • Puppy problems of all kinds! house training, puppy biting, bedtime issues, etc.
  • Resource guarding
  • General craziness in the house
  • Leash walking strategies for dogs that are fearful or boisterous

Issues that don’t lend themselves well to virtual private lessons are aggression toward humans, leash walking and leash reactivity (lunging at others when walking). 

$75 for one 40-minute live (phone or video) session with real time instruction, summary email from the trainer, and one follow up email (may include a video clip) with questions answered.

Book your Virtual Private Lesson by first clicking on a start date, THEN clicking the search button below, or by calling our Front Desk at 214-297-3000.  Note: our lessons are typically booked up 2 – 3 weeks in advance.  If your search comes back empty for that week, choose a date farther in the future. 

When enrolling, please include information on your dog (age, breed, history) and the issues you’d like to work on.

Your Instructors

  • Agility & Senior Pet Manners Trainer

    Meagan Johnson FDM, CPDT-KA
    Meagan Johnson is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (Knowledge Assessed)  through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and a Certified Family Dog Mediator (FDM). Meagan joined the WAGD staff in 2018. Meagan has worked with families and their dogs around North Texas and virtually since 2012. She teaches Agility, Tricks, Rally, and Pet Manners classes, while also working one […]
  • Separation Anxiety, Nose Work & Senior Pet Manners Trainer

    Rhea Northcut CPDT-KA ABCDT CSAT
    Rhea Northcut, CPDT-KA ABCDT CSAT is a Senior Trainer with What a Great Dog! She joined the WAGD family in 2016. Rhea teaches Pet Manners and Nose Work in both group classes and private lessons. She also provides a training program aimed at resolving issue with Separation Anxiety. Rhea is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and an Animal Behavior College […]