General Policies

Thank you for choosing WAGD as your training partner. We are happy to have you in our program! Our policies are designed to support a safe, fun, collaborative educational environment and to create a structure that is fair to the customer, the dogs and our business.
All adult participants are required to sign a liability waiver prior to starting class. If a minor child will be participating, a parent or guardian must sign the waiver on their behalf.

For Group Classes, refunds or credits are available only for classes dropped at least one week prior to the first class meeting.

Private Lesson schedule changes should be made at least 24 hours prior to the lesson time. In the interest of fairness to our instructors, after one late cancellation (less than 24 hours prior) or no-show, you will be responsible for paying the private lesson fee for missed lessons.

Our classes are geared toward an adult level of learning. In general, we recommend young children not accompany you to group classes. Here is our age specific policy for our group classes.

  • Under 7 years: we require an extra adult be in attendance with children this age
  • 7 – 11 years: are allowed to observe (and may be able to assist you in class). Please bring a quiet toy, if needed.
  • 12 and over: at the discretion of the instructor, this age child may independently handle a dog in class, with an adult present in the ring

During private lessons, you may choose to bring children of any age.

While in the facility, all children must observe the following rules:

  • Children must stay with their parents at all times.
  • Children may only approach a dog in the facility AFTER getting permission from the dog’s owner.
  • Children must walk, not run, inside he facility.
Dogs must be up-to-date with vaccines according to the schedule recommended by your veterinarian. Puppies must have received their second set of vaccinations at least 5 days prior to visiting WAGD. If your dog is ill, do not bring him to class. He won’t be able to learn if he’s feeling poorly. And if his issue is communicable, other dogs could be exposed. You may choose to attend class without your dog, in order to keep up with the material.
Female dogs who are in season are allowed in class (wearing britches). However, consider the fact that your dog may be so restless that participating in class is difficult. This will especially be true during the second phase of the heat cycle, known as “standing heat”.
Dogs displaying aggressive or highly reactive behavior, in the opinion of WAGD instructors, are not suitable for group classes. In many cases, we’ll be able to help in private sessions. If we feel your dog will be most successful with an in-home trainer or canine behaviorist, we will provide quality referral options for you.
Students may not attend a different class to make-up for missed classes. We find that missing a single class in a 6-week session is typically not problematic. It’s important that the student continues at home practice and uses class notes (when available) to keep up. In our Pet Manners program, if more than one class will be missed in a 6-week session, a make-up private lesson (additional fee applies) is required in order to be eligible to promote into the next level.

For Pet Manners classes, we offer discounted private sessions ($30 / half hour) for those that would like to make-up for a missed group class session.

For weekday daytime classes, we will typically follow the local school districts’ call on bad weather closure. For evenings and weekends we’ll make a decision based on road conditions in the area immediately surrounding the training center. There may be times that WAGD is open for business, but road conditions at an instructor’s home prevent her from travelling safely. At those times, that particular instructor’s classes will have to be cancelled, even though WAGD may be open for business. If your class is cancelled, you will not be charged for that class. All weather-related closures will be posted on the homepage of our website and on our Facebook page. 

On occasion, classes will have to be cancelled due to instructor illness or vacation. We will communicate those situations as early as possible via e-mail and announcements in class (when lead time allows). If an issue causes a last minute cancellation, we will also attempt to call everyone on the class roster. Please make certain we have the correct e-mail address and phone number on file for you. Anytime WAGD (or one of our instructors) cancels class, students will not be charged for the session. Ongoing Class students will not have a class credit deducted from their pack. 6 Week Session students will have their class extended by one week when possible (or a partial refund will be issued).

Dogs from the same household will not be allowed to attend the same Pet Manners class. Dogs are typically highly distracted by that scenario and do not do well in class together. Private lessons can occasionally accommodate multiple dogs. Whether that is a good idea will depend on the goals for that lesson and the individual dogs’ temperaments and level of training.

The administration of our Ongoing Classes (the more advanced classes with no start or end date) is different from the regular 6-week session classes. Before enrolling in an Ongoing Class, please take a careful look at the Ongoing Class Payment Policy page.
We provide limited ring rental opportunities for current clients wanting to practice in our rings. For the agility ring, please refer to the Agility Ring Policies page. To utilize the other training rings, students must be currently enrolled in group class and have previously completed Manners 2 or higher. The intent of the ring rentals is strictly for training. We do not offer ring rentals for exercising or playing with your dog. Both of those activities are important (we love playing with our dogs!). But, they just don’t work out for our facility. We recommend checking with an area doggy daycare for playroom rental availability.

Agility Ring Policies

  • If your dog repeatedly marks or potties in the ring, they will be excused from agility classes at WAGD.
  • Prevent accidents:
    • Your dog is only allowed on the turf when he is running. Not while you’re walking the course, setting bars or talking.
    • Don’t allow sniffing before, after or during your run
    • Take multiple outside potty breaks, if needed.
    • If you think your dog may pee on the turf, use a belly band (males) or britches (females) as an insurance policy
  • Handle an accident properly by IMMEDIATELY spot cleaning the area thoroughly with the spray cleaner and the blue shop towels located near the ring
  • Be SURE that any treat that hits the floor is eaten or picked up right away
  • No crumbly treats
  • We encourage the use of tugs, toys, training tubes and “lotus” balls during training
  • Make sure NO FOOD OR CRUMBS are left in the ring when you leave
  • Must be a current WAGD student, who has completed Agility Fundamentals or higher.
  • Private ring rentals are available at a rate of $20 per half hour, it can be shared by a maximum of 3 WAGD students. A 10 pack of ring rentals is available for pre-purchase for 15% discount.
  • The agility equipment may not be moved, except setting jump heights.
  • You are limited to the equipment that is on the field. Note that occasionally the trainers will have a “Jumpers Week” planned with no contact equipment available.

Ongoing Class Policies

Our more advanced weekly classes are in an ongoing format. In other words, you join the class and stay with that same day/time until you give notice to drop it. The roster and payment policies are different than our lower level session classes (e.g. 6-week classes), in that you remain on the roster indefinitely (until you give notice). The price per visit drops, but to hold your spot on the roster you must pay for every week that class is held.

To join these classes, you pay in advance for at least four consecutive classes. You are committing to being charged for each week that the class is held (even if you don’t attend). If the class is not held (due to holiday, instructor absence, etc), you will not be charged.

If you’d like to come off the roster and not pay for class, while you take a break or go on vacation, that’s not a problem. But we cannot hold your spot on the roster. You are required to give notice that you want to be removed from the roster with 1 WEEK WRITTEN NOTICE (please send an email to Then, 1 week prior to the date you want to start back you can be added to a roster. But we cannot hold a spot on the roster for your re-entry date until no more than one week before you plan to come back. The reason for this policy is to prevent classes from running with open spots when there are students anxious to fill those spots. Give us a call when you’re ready to return and we will work hard to find an appropriate class that has an opening for you.

  • Your enrollment in class is Ongoing, meaning that you are on the roster until you give notice to drop the class.
  • When you want to drop the class, you must give 1 WEEK WRITTEN NOTICE sent via email to
  • You are responsible for payment for all classes up to the cancellation effective date
  • Class packs (multiples of 4 for each ongoing class in which you are enrolled) are purchased for consecutive class meetings and hold your spot on the roster. Please note: Payment is for consecutive classes HELD (not attended). For example, if you miss a class, you will still be charged.
  • Your class pack will not be used if WAGD cancels class
  • Your options for payment:
    • Auto-pay – our system automatically re-news your pack when it runs out by charging your credit card on file. You can opt out of this option at any time.
    • Manual Payment – This option requires you to go online, stop by our office, or give us a call to make payment on or before the last day of your pack.
  • $88 for each 4-pack for all Ongoing classes
  • 5% discount is given for 12-packs, $264 ($13.20 savings)
  • Class Drop-Ins are $28 per class. This is only an option with instructor approval and as long as there is space on the class roster. This option does NOT guarantee you will have a space in class.