Rally Novice Skills 1 - What a Great Dog! Training Center
July 21, 2018

Rally Novice Skills 1

Rally Novice SKills 1Description:  Introduces the Rally Novice Stations, all of which are performed on-leash.  Building on the skills developed in the Introduction class, we will be chaining behaviors together to follow a course.  This class will provide an opportunity to continue working (and playing!) as a team.  Basic ring procedures for AKC and WCRL Rally trials will be discussed, but the mental and physical exercise involved in performing the stations is equally fun for students who prefer not to compete.

Requirements:   Successful completion of Rally Foundation

Class Fee:

  • Enrollment – six consecutive weekly 50 minute class meetings at your designated day/time.   No make-ups are available.
  • Class Fee – $168

After enrollment, watch for a confirmation email with important details.