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April 9, 2018

Pet Manners Classes

Sticking the Spot!
Train your dog to perform all the basic behaviors, get solid strategies for common problems and develop a dog that is calm and obedient, even with distractions.   The classes in our Pet Manners program cover all the behaviors needed to develop your dog into an awesome family companion.  You and your dog will learn to work together as a team, building the foundation for more advanced fun like Agility, Rally, Therapy, Tricks and more!

Puppy Socialization

This fun, 30-minute single session is designed to allow your puppy to socialize with other young pups and people in a safe, structured environment.  The session is led by a WAGD trainer, with an emphasis on giving every puppy a positive experience.

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Puppy Manners 1 (16 weeks and under)

Ready to give your pup a great training start?   Want to have fun while you train?   Then this 6 week class is for you!   For pups 16 weeks and under on the first week of class, this class covers the following core behaviors:   Sit, Down, Stay, Place, Come, Walk on a Loose Leash and Leave It.

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Class Readiness Evaluation

In this free 30 minute group session, we’ll conduct a brief evaluation which will help determine the best starting point for your dog.    We’ll also give you a few tips to get you started with your training and ready to have a great first class!

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Manners 1

Ready for your dog to listen to you and have behavior you’re proud of?  Want to have fun while you train?  Then this 6 week class is for you! For dogs and puppies 17 weeks and older, who have completed the Class Readiness Evaluation. We’ll train the following core behaviors: Sit, Down, Place, Come, Walk on a Loose Leash, and Leave It.

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Manners 2

This class picks up right where your Manners 1 class left off.   Dogs learn to behave nicely and perform the trained behaviors EVEN around distractions.  Good social behavior is emphasized.   This class is essential for developing a well behaved companion!

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Manners 3  

In this dynamic class, we’ll take your training to the next level.  This class is an ideal stepping stone to more advanced work and building a high degree of impulse control. You’ll refine your shaping skills as you develop your training abilities right along with your dog.

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AKC Canine Good Citizen Program

  • CGC Prep & Test
  • CGCA Prep & Test

The AKC Canine Good Citizen program offers two levels of testing.   We offer separate Prep & Test classes for each of these levels.   These classes are led by one of WAGD’s AKC approved Evaluators.   Each of these classes are a two session class.

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Great Dog! (Ongoing)

This program is designed for those that want to go beyond basic training to develop a truly GREAT dog!  These classes teach more advanced obedience behaviors and put a big emphasis on impulse control. Our goal in this program is to help your dog become the kind of dog that you can fully rely on his behavior in a wide variety of challenging real-life scenarios.

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