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December 5, 2019

Puppy Programs

Ready to give your pup the best possible start? Our positive, reward-based methods leverage the latest research for raising and training a GREAT pup! We strongly recommend taking all three steps of our highly acclaimed program.



Step #1:  Online Puppy Seminar
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This is the ideal seminar to attend before (or shortly after) you bring your pup home. Get the pro tips and tricks to raise a great puppy. We keep it lively and fun as we cover the very latest strategies for puppy raising. Currently, this seminar is offered exclusively as an on-demand video on our online learning site, Great Dog Online.

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Step #2: Puppy Preschool 
Attend up to 16 weeks
Maximize your pup’s potential with these early learning sessions. Every session includes a special rotating topic with training exercises. Ideally, attend as many of these sessions as you can, right up to starting Manners 1 at about 16 weeks of age. Note: To support social distancing the pup’s will not be interacting with each other.




Step #3: Manners 1 
Start after 16 weeks
This 6-week class covers all the core behaviors: Touch, Sit, Down,Stay, Place, Come, Walk on a Loose Leash and Leave It. Pups will learn to be calm and focused, even with distractions. We use positive, reward-based techniques to help you get great results.