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December 5, 2019

Puppy Programs

Ready to give your pup the best possible start? Want to have fun while you train? Our Puppy Programs leverage the latest research to help you raise a GREAT pup!

Great Puppy Package – our recommendation!

Give your pup the best possible start AND get great savings. This package includes the New Puppy Seminar (up to 2 attendees), 4 Puppy Preschool sessions and the Manners 1 class.  After purchase, return to this page to schedule your sessions using the green buttons below or call 214-297-3000. Package price is just $239 ($288 value).

Purchase the Package

New Puppy Seminar

This is the ideal seminar to attend before (or shortly after) you bring your pup home. Get the pro tips and tricks to raise a great puppy. We keep it lively and fun as we cover the very latest strategies for puppy raising.




Puppy Preschool with Socialization

Maximize your pup’s potential with these socialization and early learning sessions. Every session includes puppy socialization and special rotating topics with training exercises. Ideally, attend as many of these sessions as you can, right up to starting Manners 1 at about 16 weeks of age.




Manners 1

This 6-week class covers all the core behaviors: Touch, Sit, Down,Stay, Place, Come, Walk on a Loose Leash and Leave It. Pups will learn to be calm and focused, even with distractions. We use positive, reward-based techniques to help you get great results.