Right this way to great manners!

Ready for your dog to listen to you and have behavior you’re proud of? Want to have fun while you train? Then this self-paced online class is for you! We use positive, reward-based techniques to bring out the very best in your dog. Using the online classroom materials (with extensive video!) and the interactive forum with your expert trainer, you’ll train the core behaviors (Sit, Down, Place, Come, Walk on a Loose Leash, and Leave It) and more. Your class’s pro trainer will answer your questions and give feedback on your submitted videos.

At the time of purchase, you’ll gain access to the entire class.  The class is organized into 6 weekly sections. But you’ll be free to work through the class exercises at your own pace, whenever is convenient for you. Your instructor facilitates a Private Facebook group where you’ll be able to interact with your instructor and ask questions.   You’ll also be able to post videos of your training to receive plenty of personalized, expert coaching. 

Class Fee:  $99 for six weeks of online training classes. Includes participation in the class’s private Facebook Group for questions and coaching. 

Access:  You get six months of access to your online class materials. 

PLEASE NOTE:  You will have separate logins for our Online Learning platform and our In-Facility Programs.

Online Manners 1 Curriculum


Get Ready to Train!

Introduction to Week 1

Clicker Magic

Name Game



Holding the Sit Position

Settle on the Mat (Place)

The Right Reward is Key

Practice Homework

Week 2 Introduction

How to Warm Up

Moving to the Mat

Say Please

Orient to Handler for Leash Walking

Yielding to Leash Pressure

Follow Me

Non-Greeting with People

Enrichment for Your Dog


Practice Homework

Introduction to Week 3

Attention in the Face of Distraction

Leash Handling

Casual Leash Walking

Managed Leash Walking


Coming When Called

Cookie Jar Rewarding

Four on the Floor Greetings

Practice Homework

Introduction to Week 4

Turn Away

Introducing Stay

Leave It!

Canine Body Language

Handling Practice

Puppy Play Biting / Bite Inhibition

Practice Homework

Introduction to Week 5

Managed People Greetings for the Social Butterfly

Casual Leash Walking – Passing Distractions

Managed People Greetings for the Cautious Canine

Leave It with Objects

Introducing Stay with Distance

Nutrition Steps

Practice Homework

Introduction to Week 6

Stay with Helper Distraction

Try Out a Dog Sport – Agility

Try Out a Dog Sport – Nose Work

Try Out a Dog Sport – Tricks (Spin)

Try Out a Dog Sport – Tricks (Rollover)

Learn About Other Dog Sports and Activities

Dog Activity – Therapy Dog

Your Instructor

Senior Trainer

Rhea Northcut CPDT-KA, ABCDT

Rhea is a senior trainer with What a Great Dog! She’s been teaching with us since 2016. Rhea teaches Nose Work and Pet Manners. As a Senior Trainer, she takes on challenging behavior modification cases, including leash reactivity and resource guarding. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, and also has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Texas Tech University. She enjoys teaching owners how to better communicate with their canine companions. She has a special place in her heart for rescues and shelter dogs, having spent a large portion of her free time volunteering at animal shelters.