AKC Canine Good Citizen Program| What a Great Dog! Training Center
March 15, 2018


AKC Canine Good Citizen Program – CGC / CGCA Course & Test

Description:   The AKC Canine Good Citizen program offers two levels of testing, CGC and CGC-Advanced.  We offer Course & Test classes for each. These classes are led by one of WAGD’s AKC approved Evaluators.   The Course & Test class offers 4 weeks of instruction, then the test on the final week.

You’ll spend the first week preparing for the test.  Then, on the second week, you’ll take the actual test.   Our Manners 2 class teaches the needed skills for the CGC test.   The Manners 3 class covers the skills required for the CGCA test.

Once you feel that you and your dog have the skills under your belt, then its time to sign up for the appropriate level Prep & Test class.   Please see www.akc.org for details on the test items.   Please note that in order to earn the official CGCA title from the AKC, your dog will need to have first earned his CGC.


  • Dogs should possess all the skills needed to attempt all test items. These skills are taught in Manners 2 (CGC) and Manners 3 (CGCA).
  • If your dog has not been in a group class at WAGD, a Group Class Readiness evaluation will be required prior to taking this class.
  • Dog must be current on vaccinations
  • Note: the AKC will charge a separate fee if you file the paperwork for the title.