The AKC Canine Good Citizen program offers two levels of testing, CGC and CGC-Advanced. We offer Course & Test classes for each. These classes are led by one of WAGD’s AKC approved Evaluators. The Course & Test classes offers 4 weeks of instruction, then the test on the final week.

Our Manners 2 class teaches the base skills for the CGC test. The Manners 3 class covers the base skills required for the CGCA test.

The Course & Test classes help you take those base skills and apply them to the challenging test exercises you’ll encounter during the CGC and CGCA tests. During the four weeks of prep, your instructor will give you and your dog a good feel for what to expect with each of the test items on week 5. 

Please see www.akc.org for details on the test items. Please note that in order to earn the official CGCA title from the AKC, your dog will need to have first earned his CGC.

AKC Canine Good Citizen Program
  • Dogs should possess the skills taught in Manners 2 (for CGC) and Manners 3 (for CGCA).
  • Many students choose to take the CGC after completing Manners 3 (the minimum requirement is just Manners 2).
  • If your dog has not been in a group class at WAGD, a Group Class Readiness evaluation will be required prior to taking this class.
  • Dog must be current on vaccinations. 
  • $150 for five, 50-minute group sessions
  • Includes participation in the official CGC or CGCA test with an AKC approved evaluator. 
  • Note: the AKC will charge a separate fee if you file the paperwork for the title.

Class Preview

Your Instructors

  • Specialty & Pet Manners Trainer

    Gabi Vannini CPDT-KA
    Gabi Vannini CPDT-KA joined the WAGD staff in fall 2018. She teaches barn hunt, agility, conformation, rally and manners. She is an AKC CGC, trick, ACT test, temperament test and farm dog evaluator. Gabi competes in a variety of dog sports with her own dogs and has titled in obedience, agility, rally, conformation, lure coursing, dock diving, barn hunt, tricks […]
  • Pet Manners Trainer

    Jean May CPDT-KA
    Jean is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA).  She joined What a Great Dog! in April of 2017. She teaches Pet Manners classes and privates at both locations. Jean has always had a passion for dogs and the desire to work with them. She has a degree in Emergency Management and retired from the emergency responder world after 20 years. […]
  • Senior Pet Manners Trainer

    Kristi Bass CPDT-KA
    Kristi joined the What a Great Dog! team in 2016. She is a Senior Trainer, teaching Pet Manners in both group classes and private lessons at our Frisco location. While working with dog playgroups in the daycare setting, she became fascinated by canine behavior. After 8 years in banking, she decided it was time to change careers.  She completed the Karen […]