All the pro tips and tricks you need to raise a great pup!  

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What puppy owners say about this seminar


Very Helpful

This was very helpful! It talked about a lot of things that make sense but were things I wouldn’t have thought about!

Allison B.

Puppy 101

Wish I would have found What a Great Dog sooner!!!

Tammy T.

Great Class

All the videos are great and perfect length and detail for what we need.

Lydia K.

Great Seminar

Great seminar. I had done a lot of research prior and thought I knew all I needed to know. But this seminar provided some great info about the science behind the behavior and solutions, and provided really valuable information.

Julie B.

Very helpful

I’m so glad I watched this! I’ve learned a lot-some things I was doing well and lots to improve on!

Tricia B.

You need this!

If you’re a first time puppy owner this is a must, I feel a lot more confident now

Diana R.

This was a fantastic seminar!

I learned why he was biting me so much and great ways to redirect him to stop doing that! Thank you!

Margaret D.

Here's what you get:

  • Unlimited access to all training modules for six months

  • A complete course that gives you all the expert info you need during your pups first five months

  • The perfect complement to our in-facility Puppy Preschool classes 

Puppy Seminar Topics


What you need to know about Puppy Socialization


A little focus on building a bond goes a long way!


The most important topic you’ve never heard of


Ouch! How to best deal withthis frustrating issue


The right strategy is key for this important behavior


Develop a dog who is happy to “kennel up”!


Wrap-Up and Q&A session info

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Your Instructor

Founder & Head Trainer

Maureen Patin CPDT-KA

Maureen Patin is the Founder and Head Trainer of What a Great Dog Training Centers in the Dallas area. She leads one of the largest dog training teams in the country. She and her team of credentialed trainers teach 200 in-person classes every week and work with over 4,000 dogs every year. She utilizes positive, reward- based training methods to help people achieve lasting results with their dogs. She firmly believes that making training fun for both the dog AND person produces the best results.