In Home, Virtual or On Location Training

Sometimes life is hard. We’re here to help! Not every pup is comfortable in our training center and coming to us isn’t always the best solution for your problem. In the WAGD on Wheels (WOW) program our trainers come to you!  We offer specialized in home, virtual and “in the wild” sessions.  Your dog gets to train within their comfort zone. We can help with a wide variety of behavior challenges.

Issues We'll Help Solve


  • Dog reactivity (over reacting at the sight of other dogs or people)
  • Fear and anxiety related behaviors
  • Jumping, leash pulling, not coming when called
  • Resource guarding
  • Dogs within your household not getting along
  • Puppy training 
  • Separation Anxiety (go to this page)

What's included

You’ll start with a 30-minute virtual consultation (on Zoom or Google Meet), where your trainer will learn about your dog and training goals. The trainer will develop a training plan specific to your dog. Based on your dog’s training plan, subsequent sessions may be scheduled at the following locations: 

  • In your home
  • Public park
  • Dog friendly business
  • Virtual (Zoom or Google Meet)

With WAGD on Wheels, you will have access to communicate with your trainer in between sessions, submitting questions and progress videos and getting feedback. Sometimes guidance at just the right time can make the difference between a training plan being derailed or being a big success!


Initial Consultation (required)
           $60 for 30-minute virtual consultation 
           $30 of this will apply toward your first WAGD on Wheels training session if booked during the consultation

Training Sessions    
            $112 for virtual (Google Meet or Zoom) 60-minute session
            $170 for 60-minute session at your home or public location
            Trip Charge applies for distances greater than 25 driving miles from our Richardson location

          Package discounts are available (5% for 3 sessions, 10% for 6 sessions) Packages must be pre-paid Multi-session packages are necessary for complex behavior issues

WAGD on Wheels Trainers

  • Courtney Brown
    Courtney Brown is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer who joined the WAGD team in 2023. Courtney began her dog training career working with service dogs at Texas A&M University. She assisted in the raising and training of service dogs for four years, including one year serving as President of the organization. Courtney’s passion for detection work grew while volunteering as […]
  • Charlotte Schuessler
    Charlotte Schuessler joined the WAGD team in 2024. She has long been fascinated with human and animal behavior, and got her start in dog training in 2017 through training her own service dog, a Dalmatian named Daisy Mae. Charlotte helped Daisy Mae overcome issues such as car anxiety and prey drive towards small pets to become an exemplary dog, and began training dogs professionally […]
  • Pet Manners Trainer

    Fable Gay IAABC-ADT FDM
    Fable Gay joined the What a Great Dog! team in 2017. They are an Accredited Dog Trainer through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, a Certified Family Dog Mediator through Kim Brophey’s Applied Ethology LEGS Course, and an AKC CGC Evaluator. They studied under Michael Shikashio CDBC and completed his Aggression in Dogs Master Course in 2022. They teach […]