Online Tricks Novice

This four week class covers all the tricks you’ll need to earn your AKC Novice Tricks title. Detailed demonstration videos and lectures make training fun and easy. You’ll get plenty of encouragement and feedback from your instructor in the class’s private Facebook Group.
Each week you’ll gain access to that week’s video lessons. Additionally, each week Meagan will broadcast a Facebook Live event answering all of your questions and giving extra tips. You can watch that broadcast live, or at your convenience. The scheduled Facebook Lives for this class beginning 1/11/21 are from 1:30pm – 2pm on Mondays.
If you are able to complete videos of 10 of the required tricks by the end of class, you’ll earn your official AKC Trick Dog Novice title! We’ll provide a gorgeous ribbon and your test form.
  • Enrollment – four weeks of training content, plus access to the private Facebook group
  • Includes video submission for one dog
  • Class Fee – $112

PLEASE NOTE: You will have separate logins for our Online Learning platform and our In-Facility Programs. 

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Welcome to Novice Tricks!

Clickers! Why, How, and When!

Lures! Why, How, and When

Chapter 1 Quiz!

Touch V.1

Touch V.2





Kennel Up

Puppy Push Ups

Find It

Posting your Trick Videos


Get In – Sit In

Intro to Crawl

Continue Crawl

Two Paws Up

Four Paws On

Posting your Trick Videos



Hand Signals

High Five

Posting Your Trick Videos

Your Instructor

Founder & Head Trainer
  • Agility & Senior Pet Manners Trainer

    Meagan Johnson
    Meagan Johnson joined the WAGD staff in 2018. Meagan has worked with families and their dogs since 2012. She teaches Agility, Tricks and Pet Manners, as well as helps families help their dogs with a variety of behavioral issues. Meagan dove deep into learning the science of force free training as she trained her first dog, Twig. Twig went on […]