Take your dog's training to the next level!

This second six weeks of Manners training will make a big difference in your dog.  He’ll learn to be calmer in exciting situations – like when you have guests in your home, go for walks or take him out in public. 

This class teaches new skills AND adds challenges to the Manners 1 skills to make them even more reliable.  We know that a well-behaved dog gets to be an even bigger part of his family’s life. We’d like to help that come true for your family. 

Just some of what you’ll learn in Manners 2:

  • Polite greetings with people
  • Recall off distractions (so important!)
  • Focused walking (the traditional “heel position”)
  • Developing more focus on YOU, even with strange dogs and people nearby
  • Adding non-food rewarding to your repertoire

We recommend you keep the momentum going by taking Manners 2 immediately after completing Manners 1.  If your dog isn’t quite ready for the challenges of Manners 2, your instructor will recommend some great options for getting ready. 

After Manners 2 class, you and your dog will be eligible for Agility (requires passing an Agility Readiness Evaluation), Rally Foundation or Manners 3.add

  • Completed Manners 1
    • Graduated as “Ready for M2” 
    • -or-
    • Attended Group Class Practice after M1 and given “Ready for M2” approval
  • If more than two months has passed since your last WAGD class, a new Class Readiness Evaluation is required.
  • Dogs must be current on vaccinations.
  • Class Fee – $168
  • Six consecutive weekly 50-minute class meetings at your designated day/time
  • Early Enrollment Discount – $10 savings on Manners 2 by enrolling by the end date of your Manners 1 class
  • Private make-ups for missed classes may be scheduled at the discounted rate of $30 / half hour  

Class Preview

Your Instructors

  • Head Pet Manners Trainer

    Ashley Johnson KPA-CTP
    Ashley joined the What a Great Dog! staff in February 2013. She is the Head Trainer for WAGD’s Pet Manners program. Ashley is a Senior Trainer, teaching Pet Manners and Rally. Ashley is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner and an AKC CGC Evaluator. She utilizes positive, science-based training techniques for both dogs and people! Ashley is a key […]
  • Pet Manners Trainer

    Arynn Copeland
    Arynn joined the What a Great Dog! team in 2019 and completed the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Training Foundations and WAGD’s Trainer Education Program in 2020. She teaches Pet Manners at the Richardson location. Arynn has always had a passion for dogs, having grown up in a family that competed with dogs in conformation, agility, and competitive obedience. She also […]
  • General Manager of WAGD-Richardson

    Ashton Gray
    Ashton Gray has been a member of the What a Great Dog! team since September 2017. They teach Trick Dog classes, Manners classes, and they’re the General Manager at the Richardson location. Ashton completed the WAGD Trainer Education program in 2017 and is an AKC CGC Evaluator. Their greatest joy is helping owners build stronger relationships with their dogs through […]
  • Pet Manners Trainer

    Brittany Wingfield
    Brittany joined the What A Great Dog! Team in January 2017. She enjoys teaching pet owners all about positive training, building relationships and communicating better with their pups. She has her Bachelor of Sciences in Biology from the University of Louisville and got hooked on training while volunteering at The Louisville Zoo in 2010 watching sessions with sea lions, bears […]
  • Pet Manners Trainer

    Clemmie Jones KPA-CTP
    Clemmie Jones, KPA-CTP, joined What a Great Dog in 2019. She is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, and she completed the WAGD Trainer Education Program in 2020. Clemmie first started working with dogs as a volunteer puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), an assistance dog organization, in 2013. She went to work in the CCI kennels […]
  • Pet Manners Trainer

    Dan Bohun
    Dan teaches Pet Manners classes, Puppy Preschools, and private lessons at our Frisco location. Dan has been an avid dog lover from a young age; growing up with multiple dogs and later having his own. He previously worked in the healthcare field, specifically in hospital management with over 20 years in the materials department. In 2018, Dan and his wife […]
  • Pet Manners Trainer

    Diane Cocchiara
    Diane Cocchiara joined WAGD back in 2018! She teaches Pet Manners, Puppy Preschools and Private Lessons. She completed her Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Foundations course in 2018 and WAGD Trainer Education Program in 2019. She is currently working on her certification through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers. Diane has two dogs of her own, Eugene a Lab/Hound […]
  • Specialty & Pet Manners Trainer

    Gabi Vannini CPDT-KA
    Gabi Vannini CPDT-KA joined the WAGD staff in fall 2018. She teaches barn hunt, agility, conformation, rally and manners. She is an AKC CGC, trick, ACT test, temperament test and farm dog evaluator. Gabi competes in a variety of dog sports with her own dogs and has titled in obedience, agility, rally, conformation, lure coursing, dock diving, barn hunt, tricks […]
  • Pet Manners Trainer

    Jean May
    Jean joined What a Great Dog! in April of 2017. She teaches Pet Manners classes and privates at both locations. Jean has always had a passion for dogs and the desire to work with them. She has a degree in Emergency Management and recently retired from the emergency responder world after 20 years. She joined the staff of WAGD to […]
  • Senior Pet Manners Trainer

    Kristi Bass CPDT-KA
    Kristi joined the What a Great Dog! team in 2016. She is a Senior Trainer, teaching Pet Manners in both group classes and private lessons at our Frisco location. While working with dog playgroups in the daycare setting, she became fascinated by canine behavior. After 8 years in banking, she decided it was time to change careers.  She completed the Karen […]
  • Pet Manners Trainer

    Laura Arasmith Wilson CPDT-KA
    Laura Arasmith Wilson is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. She joined the What a Great Dog! team in 2018. She teaches Pet Manners in both group classes and private lessons at our Frisco location. She also teaches our Enrichment Seminar: Beyond Squeaky Toys! In 2013, Laura graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from the University of Wisconsin at […]
  • Pet Manners Trainer

    Macy Holdrich
    Macy joined What a Great Dog! in August of 2019. She teaches Pet Manners at our Richardson location. She enjoys teaching clients how to build a relationship with their dogs using positive reinforcement training so that they can experience the joy of training together! Macy has a passion for positive, reward-based dog training and continues to learn though attending workshops […]
  • Agility & Senior Pet Manners Trainer

    Meagan Johnson
    Meagan Johnson joined the WAGD staff in 2018. Meagan has worked with families and their dogs since 2012. She teaches Agility, Tricks and Pet Manners, as well as helps families help their dogs with a variety of behavioral issues. Meagan dove deep into learning the science of force free training as she trained her first dog, Twig. Twig went on […]
  • General Manager of WAGD-Frisco

    Rachel Vogt
    Rachel has been a member of the What a Great Dog! team since November of 2018. She is the General Manager for the Frisco location, and teaches Pet Manners. She completed the WAGD Trainer Education program in 2019. Rachel has been training dogs since she acquired her first Labrador Retriever while in college. Rachel started attending classes at WAGD with […]
  • Nose Work & Senior Pet Manners Trainer

    Robin Cameron KPA-CTP
    Robin Cameron KPA-CTP joined What a Great Dog! in January 2016. She is a WAGD Senior Trainer who teaches Pet Manners, Nose Work and Reactive Dog classes. Robin is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. She focuses on developing the human-canine bond by helping people understand dog behavior and teach new behaviors and skills with positive, science based methods. […]