Rally / Obedience Classes - What a Great Dog! Training Center
June 27, 2019

Rally / Obedience Classes

Both Rally and Competitive Obedience are great ways to continue your training, increase your teamwork with your dog and have fun at the same time. Our Rally program has classes both for those brand new to the activity and also for those who are seasoned competitors. You can even compete for ribbons and titles here at WAGD, where we host Rally trials regularly. Our Rally trial environment is fun, encouraging and a great way to get started in the world of dog sport. Our Competitive Obedience instructors use the most current, positive, reward-based training methods to train this more traditional form of obedience competition. Feel free to observe a class or reach out to our instructors to determine the best fit for you and your dog.

Competitive Obedience

These classes are for those interested in AKC Competitive Obedience, both beginner and polish level classes are available.

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Events & Special Topic Classes

Watch for special topic workshops, seminars and fun matches!

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Rally Foundations Skills

The four-week foundation class will provide you and your dog with a great start in Rally!

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Rally Novice Skills 1

This class introduces all the Rally Novice exercises.

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Rally Novice Skills 2

This class refines skills learned in Novice 1 with more complex courses.

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Rally Advanced Skills 1

This class presents the Rally Advanced Stations while strengthening the mastery of Novice Stations.   Offleash!

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Rally Advanced Skills 2

This class integrates Advanced and Novice Stations in challenging courses.

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Rally Excellent Skills

This class introduces the most challenging Rally Stations featured in regular obedience trials.

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Rally Ongoing Classes

Ongoing Classes developed to promote teamwork and performance at the appropriate skill level.

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