Puppy Preschool - What a Great Dog! Training Center
December 5, 2019

Puppy Preschool

Description: These fun, 45-minute sessions are designed to give you and your young pup the best possible start. During each session, your pup will socialize with other pups and people in a safe environment. PLUS, we’ll cover important puppy topics each week. Our trainers will present you with the latest, research-based information and practical exercises on the most critical topics in puppy raising. These sessions are an ideal way to: get early, positive socialization for your pup and to prepare for Manners 1 class.

We recommend that pups start attending these sessions as young as possible (after two sets of vaccinations). Ideally, your pup should attend Puppy Preschool sessions (at least one per week) until about 16 weeks of age. Be sure to catch each of the four rotating focus areas. Then, make plans to attend Manners 1 for training all the behaviors essential for a great dog.Rotating Focus Areas

  • Leash Basics – Great Start for Leash Walking
  • Puppy Biting – Handling and Puppy Biting
  • Jumping – Jumping and Puppy Tag
  • Drop-it – Resource Guarding Prevention and Trading


  • Pups must be 9 – 16 weeks at the time of the session
  • We require that your pup has a minimum of two sets of vaccinations prior to coming to WAGD.

Class Fee: $20 for a single 45 minute session

After enrollment, watch for a confirmation email with specific, detailed information.