These fun, 50-minute sessions are designed to give you and your young pup the best possible start. During each session, your pup will get to see and gain confidence around other pups and people in a safe environment. PLUS, we’ll cover important puppy topics in each session. Our trainers will present the latest, research-based information and practical exercises on the most critical topics in puppy raising. These sessions are an ideal way to get early, positive socialization for your pup and to prepare for Manners 1 class.

Our Puppy Preschool sessions focus on passive socialization and providing positive, novel experiences.  This will not include the puppies interacting directly with each other.

We recommend that pups start attending these sessions as soon as possible, after receiving two sets of vaccinations. Designed specifically for young pups, puppies MUST be 16 weeks or younger to attend these sessions. Ideally, your pup should attend Puppy Preschool sessions (at least one per week) until they age out at 16 weeks of age. Try to catch each of the four rotating topics at least once. Then, make plans to attend Manners 1 for training all the behaviors essential for a great dog. Rotating preschool topics:

  • Leash Basics – Great Start for Leash Walking
  • Puppy Biting – Puppy Biting and Handling
  • Jumping – Jumping and Off Cue
  • Drop-it – Resource Guarding Prevention and Trading
  • Pups must be 9 – 16 weeks at the time of the session
  • We require that your pup has a minimum of two sets of vaccinations, plus 5 days prior to coming to WAGD.
  • Puppies from the same household may not attend the same session 
  • $28 for each  50-minute session

If you took our Online Puppy Seminar, yay for you! We trust that you got some great puppy raising strategies. Note that you’ll create a different login to enroll in our in-facility classes. After enrollment, watch for a confirmation email with specific, detailed information.

Class Preview

Your Instructors

  • Pet Manners Trainer

    Diane Cocchiara CPDT-KA
    Diane Cocchiara joined WAGD in 2018. She teaches Pet Manners, Puppy Preschools and Private Lessons. She completed her Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Foundations course in 2018 and WAGD Trainer Education Program in 2019. She now is certified through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers and an AKC Evaluator. Diane has two dogs of her own, Eugene a Lab/Hound […]
  • Pet Manners Trainer

    Fable Gay IAABC-ADT FDM
    Fable Gay joined the What a Great Dog! team in 2017. They are an Accredited Dog Trainer through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, a Certified Family Dog Mediator through Kim Brophey’s Applied Ethology LEGS Course, and an AKC CGC Evaluator. They studied under Michael Shikashio CDBC and completed his Aggression in Dogs Master Course in 2022. They teach […]
  • Senior Pet Manners Trainer

    Kristi Bass CPDT-KA
    Kristi joined the What a Great Dog! team in 2016. She is a Senior Trainer, teaching Pet Manners in both group classes and private lessons at our Frisco location. While working with dog playgroups in the daycare setting, she became fascinated by canine behavior. After 8 years in banking, she decided it was time to change careers.  She completed the Karen […]
  • Michael Roderick ABCDT
    Roderick is a WAGD Pet Manners trainer, teaching group classes, private lessons and Great Puppy Day School.  He joined WAGD and completed our Trainer Education Program in 2022. He graduated from the Animal Behavior College Dog Training Program, while working as a dog walker. Roderick has a deep passion for helping people build a better relationship with their dogs. He was […]
  • Stephanie Schwanke
    Stephanie joined What a Great Dog! in August of 2020.  She is a shift manager and Pet Manners trainer in our Frisco location.  If you have visited our retail store you may know her as “Aunt Stephanie”.  All the pups know she’s always ready to give some extra love and treats, for good behavior of course.   Before joining What a […]
  • Victoria Johnson
    Victoria is a trainer for Manners classes, Puppy Preschool, Barn Hunt and private lessons at our Richardson location.  After joining the WAGD team in 2020, she completed WAGD’s Trainer Education Program and the Karen Pryor Academy Foundations course.  Absolute Dogs’ Pro Dog Trainer and Pro Dog Trainer Geek programs were completed in 2021 and she is enrolled in their ongoing […]