Nose Work 102

Continue your Nose Work fun! We will introduce more complex searches involving interiors, containers, and also an introduction to vehicles. 

This is a self-paced class. At the time of purchase, you’ll gain access to the entire 4 weeks of class material.  You’ll be free to work through the class exercises at your own pace, whenever is convenient for you. Your instructor facilitates a Private Facebook group where you’ll be able to ask questions and post videos.  

Requirements: Completion of Nose Work 101

Fee: $68 for four weeks of training material

Access:  You get six months of access to your online class materials, with the ability to rewatch as many times as you like. 

PLEASE NOTE: Our online training programs may be purchased and enjoyed through Great Dog Online, our new online learning platform. Select your program to learn more and sign up for your account. If you have already purchased an online program, sign in here. Great Dog Online uses the Thinkific platform and requires a separate account from our In-Facility Programs and Retail (Mindbody).

Course Preview


Adding New Odors

Building an Alert with Simple Hides

Building a Start Line Routine

New Rooms, New Distractions

Threshold Hides

Multiple Hides


Acclimation to New Environments – C.A.B.

Introducing Vehicles

Searching Vehicles Using Multiple Hides

Around Obstacles

Over and Under


New Perspective


Your Instructor

Senior Trainer

Rhea Northcut CPDT-KA, ABCDT

Rhea is a senior trainer with What a Great Dog! She’s been teaching with us since 2016. Rhea teaches Nose Work and Pet Manners. As a Senior Trainer, she takes on challenging behavior modification cases, including leash reactivity and resource guarding. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, and also has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Texas Tech University. She enjoys teaching owners how to better communicate with their canine companions. She has a special place in her heart for rescues and shelter dogs, having spent a large portion of her free time volunteering at animal shelters.