Nose Work 101 - What a Great Dog! Training Center

Want a fun class that doesn’t require a ton of prior training? Nose Work may be just the thing! Nose Work is a fast-growing sport where dogs are trained to find target odors (birch, anise, clove and other essential oils) hidden in different environments.
Because sniffing is one of the great joys in a dog’s life, they love learning and practicing this sport. This class is a great confidence builder for shy or fearful dogs; and provides mental stimulation for ALL dogs. Any age dog can play.

There are three classes which give you and your dog the foundation for Nose Work. After that, you may join any ongoing class. Ideally, you’ll want to take your Nose Work 101, 102 and 103 classes with the same instructor.

If your dog has a working nose and LOVES food, come join us!! Whether you plan to compete, or just want to have fun with your dog – Nose Work fits the bill.

  • No prior training is required
  • If your dog is younger than 1 year, and they haven’t been in facility in 2 months or more, a new Class Readiness Evaluation is required.
  • If your dog is older than 1 year, and they haven’t been in the facility in 6 months or more, a new Class Readiness Evaluation is required.
  • You must use a crate or x-pen between runs.
  • It is critical that you and your dog attend the first 6 weeks of class. In the first weeks of foundation training, each week builds on the week before. If you miss a class, your dog will likely be unable to be successful when he returns. If you MUST miss class for something unexpected, plan to schedule a private lesson with your instructor.
  • $210 for six consecutive weekly 60-minute class meetings at your designated day/time. 
  • Optional make-ups for missed classes are available only as private lessons ($60 / half hour). 

After enrollment, watch for a confirmation email with important details.

Class Preview

Your Instructors

  • Nose Work Trainer

    Devin Turk
    Devin Turk joined the What A Great Dog team in 2019. He and his wife, Ash-Leah, have been involved in dog shows, sports, and training for twelve years. They have been involved in everything from Rally, Obedience, Conformation, Agility, Lure Coursing, Fast CAT, Nose Work, Barn Hunt, Dock Diving, as well as K9 Search and Rescue, Tracking, and K9 Scent Detection. […]
  • Julie Morton
    Julie is a self-described nosework and dog training nerd. She began nosework instruction in 2018 and began working as an AKC Scent Work Judge in 2022. Julie’s love of nosework began while working with her reactive Australian Cattle Dog mix, Eleanor Frisbee. Julie and Ellie began their nosework competition career in 2016 and competed until Ellie’s retirement in early 2024. Together they […]
  • Nose Work Trainer

    Mickey Schufman
    Mickey has been involved with dogs for over 40 years and has competed in conformation, obedience, rally and agility. She started an in-home training business (Four Paws Training School) in 2002 and worked with owners using reward based training. Some of the trainers who have influenced her most are: Susan Garrett, Bob Bailey, Pat Miller, Kathy Sdao, Jean Donaldson, and […]
  • Separation Anxiety, Nose Work & Senior Pet Manners Trainer

    Rhea Northcut CPDT-KA ABCDT CSAT
    Rhea Northcut, CPDT-KA ABCDT CSAT is a Senior Trainer with What a Great Dog! She joined the WAGD family in 2016. Rhea teaches Pet Manners and Nose Work in both group classes and private lessons. She also provides a training program aimed at resolving issue with Separation Anxiety. Rhea is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and an Animal Behavior College […]