Julie is a self-described nosework and dog training nerd. She began nosework
instruction in 2018 and began working as an AKC Scent Work Judge in 2022.
Julie’s love of nosework began while working with her reactive Australian
Cattle Dog mix, Eleanor Frisbee. Julie and Ellie began their nosework
competition career in 2016 and competed until Ellie’s retirement in early
2024. Together they earned titles in UKC, AKC, NACSW, and USCSS.

As a dog training nerd, Julie is interested in interspecies communication
through training and enjoys incorporating best practices from successful
trainers such as Bob Bailey, Sue Sternberg and Denise Fenzi into her training

Julie has experienced first-hand the benefits of teaching a dog to use his or
her nose and the partnership created in the process. She sees nosework as a
dance and loves watching the dog/trainer team learn the steps.