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Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

The term, hot dog, takes on a take-notice meaning now that the hot weather has arrived in the Dallas metroplex. As a master certified pet first aid/CPR instructor and founder of Pet First Aid 4U, I definitely am on a mission to give my students and all pet parents the sizzling truth about the dangers rising temperatures can pose on... Read more
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Keep Your Dogs Safe During the Holiday!

Fireworks and Fido just don’t mix! Here are some great tips to help your dog: Make sure your dog has plenty of opportunities to go potty outside before the sun starts to set. Keep your dog’s collar and ID tags on (just in case). Leave your dog at home and indoors while you enjoy the outdoor festivities. Loud noises and... Read more
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Take a Hike… With Your Dog!

Walks around your neighborhood can become so ho-hum for your dog. Workouts at the gym can be so boring for you. So, why not step out in style by going on an adventurous hike with your canine pal? I regularly take short, doggy vacations with our dogs, Kona and Emma that include daily hikes lasting from one to several hours.... Read more