Beat the Heat: Summer Safety Tips for Your Dog!

With triple digit temperatures, it’s important to make sure your furry friend stays cool. Here are some tips to make that happen!

#1 – Resist the urge to shave your dog! No matter the breed, your dog’s coat provides built-in climate control. Brushing your dog regularly will increase air circulation through your dog’s coat.

#2 – Not only can hot pavement burn your dog’s paws, but the heat rising from hard surfaces can quickly overheat your dog. Choose cooler parts of the day for outdoor activities, and watch carefully for any signs of heat stress.

#3 – Summer is an awesome time to get in some training in the air conditioned comfort of the WAGD training facility. Supplement your classes with some ring rental time. We offer Ring Rentals to all current students.

#4 – Cool your dog down with some fun frozen treats! We sell frozen yogurt and meaty bones in our freezer section. These are perfect for after finishing your agility run, or walk. Another “cool” favorite is our Honest Kitchen Bone Broth or Goat’s Milk. Simply add water, pour in an ice cube tray, and freeze. Now you have pupsicles on hand!

#5 – Have a dog who is suddenly refusing to get into the car? It’s likely due to the heat. Whenever possible, cool your car down before loading your dog up. Practice loading into the car for yummy treats or chews when it’s already fully cooled. If your dog’s riding area doesn’t have good ventilation or AC, consider buying a fan (Ryobi makes a great battery powered one). You can also add a damp towel underneath your dog’s riding area. Make sure to keep water on hand if your dog needs a drink.

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