Train now to prevent behavioral issues later

This on-demand online course covers the essential early training topics for your young pup (8 – 16 weeks). We’ll cover puppy biting, jumping, resource guarding, leash pulling and more. 

Our Online Puppy Seminar is recommended (but not required) as a prerequisite to this class.  In the online seminar you’ll learn about the latest research-based techniques for integrating your pup into your household.  This includes crucial topics like house training, happy crating, enrichment, socialization and much more. 

This Online Puppy Preschool class builds on the learning from the Online Puppy Seminar, with a shift to training exercises for the young pup (less than 16 weeks). Many common behavior issues can be avoided by focusing on these important lessons while your pup is still in his critical socialization period. After completing this curriculum, pups are ready to start Manners 1 class.  

Enroll for just $35 and get:

* Immediate access to the Online Puppy Preschool, with the ability to share with your family and rewatch as many times as you like within the six months following enrollment.

PLEASE NOTE:  You will have separate logins for our Online Learning platform and our In-Facility Programs. 

Online Puppy Preschool Curriculum

Intro to Puppy Biting

“Bite Toys, Not Hands”

Removing Play

Puppy Biting Summary

Intro to Jumping

Red Light, Green Light

Puppy Quick Step

Jumping Summary


Intro to Puppy Handling

Picking Up Puppy

Handling and Brushing

Puppy Handling Summary



Intro to Socialization

Look, Love & Learn

Confidence Courses

Socialization Summary


Intro to Drop It

Food Bowl Bonus


Drop It Summary


Intro to Home Alone

Tethering Practice

Happy Playpens (Ex-pens)

Home Alone Summary


Wrap-Up and What’s Next

Handouts for this Seminar

Shopping Information

Seminar Feedback

Your Instructor

Founder & Head Trainer

Maureen Patin CPDT-KA

Maureen Patin is the Founder and Head Trainer of What a Great Dog Training Centers in the Dallas area. She leads one of the largest dog training teams in the country. She and her team of credentialed trainers teach 200 in-person classes every week and work with over 4,000 dogs every year. She utilizes positive, reward- based training methods to help people achieve lasting results with their dogs. She firmly believes that making training fun for both the dog AND person produces the best results.