Great Walks! The leash walking workshop

Want to turn your neighborhood walk into a joy instead of a pain? This 3-week class will give you the tools to teach your dog to stop pulling and walk nicely on leash. You’ll learn which techniques are best for your particular dog’s profile and you’ll get plenty of practice on each technique during class.  We’ll cover equipment choices and teach you how to use positive training methods to teach your dog to walk nicely on leash. Great leash walking isn’t something that is completed in just 3 weeks. But this workshop will give you a great start and arm you with the techniques to continue improving with every walk you take. Soon the members of your family will be arguing over who GETS to walk the dog, rather than who HAS to walk the dog!    

Great Greetings! The jumping workshop

Learn the very best protocols for helping your dog keep “4 on the floor” when he’s greeting people. You’ll get in plenty of practice with greeting different staff members, under the guidance of an instructor. This 3-week class is a great choice for people who would like their dog to learn to be more polite when greeting people.  This also good extra practice on polite greetings for those preparing to take the CGC test. 

Great Recalls! The coming when called workshop
Teaching your dog to reliably come when called is one of the most important things you’ll train.  Having a reliable recall is crucial for your dog’s safety and it will allow you to take part in off leash activities that are a lot of fun for both you and your dog. This includes agility, off leash hiking, dock diving and more!  This 3 week class will teach you all the skills you need to build that rock solid recall we all want! 

  • Dogs must first complete Manners 1 and have approval for taking Manners 2
    • Note: dogs cannot test into these classes directly from a Class Readiness Evaluation
  • Dogs must be current on vaccinations
  • What to Bring for Class
  • WAGD Policies 

Class Fee:

  • Enrollment – three consecutive weekly 50 minute class meetings at your designated day/time.
  • Class Fee – $105
  • Private make-ups for missed classes may be scheduled at the discounted rate of  $40 / half hour. After enrollment, watch for a confirmation email with important details. 

Class Preview

Your Instructors

  • Adrian Phillips
    Adrian joined WAGD in 2022 as a Pet Manners and Conformation Handling trainer.  They have been involved in the world of show dogs for over 10 years, handling multiple breeds in the conformation ring. They got their first show dog, an Icelandic Sheepdog named Andi, in 2014.  Adrian and Andi have some very impressive accomplishments in the breed ring. They […]
  • Senior Pet Manners Trainer

    Jean May CPDT-KA
    Jean is a Senior Trainer who joined What a Great Dog! in April of 2017. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) who teaches Pet Manners classes and privates lessons at both locations. Jean has always had a passion for dogs and the desire to work with them. She has a degree in Emergency Management and retired from the […]
  • Senior Pet Manners Trainer

    Kristi Bass CPDT-KA
    Kristi joined the What a Great Dog! team in 2016. She is a Senior Trainer, teaching Pet Manners in both group classes and private lessons at our Frisco location. While working with dog playgroups in the daycare setting, she became fascinated by canine behavior. After 8 years in banking, she decided it was time to change careers.  She completed the Karen […]
  • Michael Roderick ABCDT
    Roderick is a WAGD Pet Manners trainer, teaching group classes, private lessons and Great Puppy Day School.  He joined WAGD and completed our Trainer Education Program in 2022. He graduated from the Animal Behavior College Dog Training Program, while working as a dog walker. Roderick has a deep passion for helping people build a better relationship with their dogs. He was […]