Flyball is a team relay race competition – four dogs and handlers on one team compete against four dogs and handlers on another team. The teams race each other on a 51-foot course with a start/finish line on one end, a Flyball box on the other end, and four hurdles in between. If your dog has drive, focus, energy and likes to play fetch, Flyball could be the sport for you!

You and your dog will learn the fundamentals of Flyball training including building drive to a reward, a safe and efficient box turn, and proper striding over the jumps while ignoring distractions. And of course, you and your dog will work as a team and have fun together!

This is a mixed level class. Both beginner and intermediate teams will get just what they need. The instructor will adapt each run to the level of the dog.

  • Completion of Manners 1 or equivalent
  • If your dog is younger than 1 year, and they haven’t been in facility in 2 months or more, a new Class Readiness Evaluation is required. 
  • If your dog is older than 1 year, and they haven’t been in the facility in 6 months or more, a new Class Readiness Evaluation is required.
  • Dogs must be current on vaccinations.
  • If you’re new to WAGD, review Be Ready for Group Class and WAGD Policies prior to enrollment.
  • $120 for each 4-pack (covers 4 consecutive class meetings, each one hour long)
  • 12-packs are available at an 5% discount, $342
  • Class Drop-Ins are $35 per class. This is only an option with instructor approval and after verifying there is space on the class roster. 
  • Review Ongoing Class Policies prior to enrolling
  • To drop the class, 1 WEEK WRITTEN NOTICE is required. Please send an email to richardson@whatagreatdog.com

After enrollment, watch for a confirmation email with important details.

Class Preview

Your Instructor

  • Flyball Trainer

    Cindy Dalton
    Cindy Dalton has been competing in flyball since early 2008, starting with her rescue cattle dog Bentley. The club she competes on, BreakThrough, is the 3rd all time fastest team in U-FLI flyball, and 4th fastest in the world. BreakThrough travels to the U-FLI Tournament of Champions and in 2022 placed second in Division 1. She currently has four border […]