Flyball (Ongoing) - What a Great Dog! Training Center
July 27, 2018

Flyball (Ongoing)

Description:   Flyball is a team relay race competition – four dogs and handlers on one team compete against four dogs and handlers on another team.   The teams race each other on a 51-foot course with a start/finish line on one end, a Flyball box on the other end, and four hurdles in between.  If your dog has drive and energy and likes to play ball, Flyball could be the sport for you!   You and your dog will learn the fundamentals of Flyball training including building drive to a reward, a safe and efficient box turn, and proper striding over the jumps while ignoring distractions.   And of course, you and your dog will work as a team and have fun together!

This is a mixed level class.   Both beginner and intermediate teams will get just what they need.   The instructor will adapt each run to the level of the dog.


Class Fee:

  • $88 for four weekly sessions, each 50 minutes.
  • Enrollment is for four consecutive class meetings at your designated day/time.   No make-ups are available.

Schedule: To enroll in Flyball, please call the front desk at 972-677-7094.