Group Practice - What a Great Dog! Training Center
January 25, 2020

Group Practice

Description: Group Practice is a 45-minute, single session class which is specially designed for dogs who need additional practice focusing around novel dogs. This is an ideal class for dogs who need to learn to work closer to new dogs, or do well with only certain dogs.  Each session attended will include different dogs and challenges.
Dogs from the following scenarios especially benefit from these sessions:
  • Have had a break between Manners classes,
  • Need more practice around new dogs before progressing into the next level class
  • Transitioning from private lessons to group class

Please note this class is appropriate for dogs who are distracted by other dogs or people but are NOT reactive. If your dog lunges at or barks excessively at other dogs in the ring, he’s not appropriate for this class. Private lessons are the right place to teach you the protocol for improving reactivity, allowing you to progress to this type of class.  

Note that in this new format of Group Practice, you are not required to first attend an Intro session. Every one of these new format sessions will include the Intro material.


  • Dog has been in a WAGD group class sometime in the past 3 months  – OR – WAGD Trainer approval.
  • In the presence of other dogs, your dog can pay attention for short periods of time, and eat treats.
  • Handlers must be able to safely get their dog in and out of the ring without trainer assistance.
  • Dog does not excessively bark at other dogs in the ring.

Class size: Maximum 6 dogs

Class Fee: $30 for a single, 45 minute group session.