Private Lessons (at WAGD) - What a Great Dog! Training Center
April 30, 2020

Private Lessons (at WAGD)

Private lessons at our facility can be the ideal way to start your training or bring focus to particular problem areas. Your trainer will focus on your priorities, and help you meet your training goals. Our Pet Manners trainers are highly skilled with typical training issues like jumping on people, pulling on the leash, excitement around strange dogs or people, minor to moderate fear-based Issues, training obedience and tricks.

If your dog is experiencing more significant behavior issues, however, you will need to request your private with one of our Senior Trainers. With their extensive education and experience, they are qualified to help with the more challenging behavior issues:

  • Reactivity to dogs (barking and lunging toward them)
  • Fear related behaviors

Please note we are not able to accommodate aggressive dogs in our facilities. If your dog lunges aggressively toward people, or has bitten a person, we can help with a referral to a qualified behavior specialist. Puppy play biting is not included in this category.


  • Senior Trainers and Specialty Trainers are $50 / half hour.
  • Standard Trainers are $40 / half hour.
  • Private Make-up Lessons for missed Pet Manners group classes are at a discounted rate of $30 / half hour.
  • All private lessons must be prepaid. Lessons must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance to be eligible for a credit or refund.

To schedule your private lesson, call our Front Desk:

Frisco 214-297-3000 or Richardson 972-677-7094