Agility League is coming back for 2018!

Agility League has returned, and we’re putting a spin on it!

Dates: February 9th & 16th
Time: 6:45 pm till the last pup!

Agility League has returned, and we’re putting a spin on it! Gather up your buds and pair off to form teams to go for the gold and the glory of Friday night brags and laughs. Come up with a clever team name for a shot at a special extra prize. There will be first and second prizes for Advanced teams and Novice teams.

How does this work? Each team (2 handlers and 2 dogs) will each run 6 courses per night, so 12 total for the duration of the league. Each team member’s top 5 scores will be added for their final cumulative score. Each team’s score is both dogs’ runs combined. Team scores are the totals of their best 10 runs. Each team member must be competing at the same level for League – Advanced or Novice (and be honest please).

Agility courses will be standard and modeled after USDAA and UKI styles courses. Advanced and Novice nested courses. Both levels will run simultaneously by height. Each night teams will run 2 different courses with the option to run one of the courses a second time (to try for a better score perhaps?) Learn more in the discussion!

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