Agility Dog Training | What a Great Dog! Training Center
June 8, 2018

Agility Foundations


Agility Foundation and Agility Obstacles 1 – 3

Description:   This series of classes will give you and your dog a great start in Dog Agility.

You will be on the path to running beginner level agility courses, including all the obstacles and basic handling techniques.  For those looking for a “just for fun” alternative, check out our Intro to Pupgility™.  Click here to learn the differences.

Through this series of classes, you will progressively train each of the foundation behaviors, obstacles and basic handling moves needed to run agility courses.  Along with learning all the basics, we’ll emphasize developing your dog’s love for the sport!   By the end of Agility Obstacles 3, teams will be executing long, beginner level sequences.


  • Dogs must have completed Manners 2, be at least 10 months old, and may not be people or dog reactive or aggressive.
  • Richardson students: An Agility Readiness Evaluation will be required prior to starting Agility Foundations at Richardson. Please contact the facility to schedule your evaluation.
  • Classes are designed to be taken in the order of Agility Foundations,  Agility Obstacles 1, Agility Obstacles 2, Agility Obstacles 3.   After successfully completing the full series, teams will promote into an ongoing Agility Novice class.
  • This class will require some at home practice.   Students should plan to obtain the required practice equipment at the point that it is recommended by their instructor:

Class Fees:

Frisco Foundation Program – Foundations, Obst. 1, Obst. 2, Obst. 3 (each class is 6 sessions)
  • Enrollment – six consecutive weekly 1 hour class meetings at your designated day/time.
  • Class Fee – $168
Richardson Foundation Program – Foundations,  Obst. 1, Obst. 2, Obst. 3 (each class is 8 sessions)
** New Pgm & Curriculum **
  • Enrollment – eight consecutive weekly 1 hour class meetings at your designated day/time.
  • Class Fee – $224
After enrollment, watch for a confirmation email with important details.