Ready to take your training beyond basic pet manners? This class is designed to help your dog become a truly GREAT dog! Each week we’ll do fun, but challenging obedience exercises. Building impulse control is stressed. Some exercises will be done in the retail shop and parking lot to help you build reliability in different environments. Tricks and other advanced behaviors will also be trained.

This is an ongoing class, you can join any time there is an opening. Many people choose to stay in this class long-term as they refine and advance their teamwork.

Because of the challenging nature of this class, including off leash work, dogs must have instructor approval, and complete a “tryout” for the particular class they want to join. Dogs will tryout by doing a single drop-in class ($35) to determine compatibility with the other dogs in that particular class.

Important Note: Most sections of this class are in high demand, some with lengthy waitlists. We highly recommend continuing with your training while you wait to get into a Great Dog class. Manners 3 is structured for taking multiple times. Specialty classes like Nose Work, Agility, Trick Dog or Rally are also great choices.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Use the schedule below to find an available class that works for you. Then to enroll, call us at 214-297-3000 (Frisco) or 972-677-7094 (Richardson). Thank You!


  • Manners 3 completion, plus approval from the Manners 3 instructor.
  • Dogs will tryout by doing a single drop-in class ($35) to determine compatibility with the other dogs in that particular class.
  • Dogs must be current on vaccinations.

Class Fee

  • $120 for each 4-pack (covers 4 consecutive class meetings, each 50 minutes long)
  • 12-packs are available at an 5% discount, $340
  • Class Drop-Ins are $35 per class. This is only an option with instructor approval and after verifying there is space on the class roster.
  • Review Ongoing Class Policies prior to enrolling
  • To drop the class, 1 WEEK WRITTEN NOTICE is required. Please send an email to frisco@whatagreatdog.com or richardson@whatagreatdog.com


NOTE:  Use the schedule below to find a class time that works for you. Then to enroll or be added to the waitlist, call us at 214-297-3000 (Frisco) or 9720677-7094 (Richardson). Thank You!

Your Instructors

  • Specialty & Pet Manners Trainer

    Gabi Vannini CPDT-KA
    Gabi Vannini CPDT-KA joined the WAGD staff in fall 2018. She teaches barn hunt, agility, conformation, rally and manners. She is an AKC CGC, trick, ACT test, temperament test and farm dog evaluator. Gabi competes in a variety of dog sports with her own dogs and has titled in obedience, agility, rally, conformation, lure coursing, dock diving, barn hunt, tricks […]
  • Pet Manners Trainer

    Laura Arasmith Wilson CPDT-KA
    Laura Arasmith Wilson is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. She joined the What a Great Dog! team in 2018. She teaches Pet Manners in both group classes and private lessons at our Frisco location. She also teaches our Enrichment Seminar: Beyond Squeaky Toys! In 2013, Laura graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from the University of Wisconsin at […]