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Arden Moore is the founder of Pet First Aid 4U, best-selling author of host of the Oh Behave Show on Pet Life Radio. www.ardenmoore.com.

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Can We Talk? How Dogs Chat with Their Tails

Dogs “talk” a lot with their tails. Be aware that tail movement signals various canine moods, but to properly “read” a dog, you must size up the entire body language on display, and not just what’s happening with the tail. Unfortunately, far too people zero in on a wagging tail and regard it as the human equivalent of a friendly... Read more
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Preventing Puppy Pandemonium

Just got a puppy? Brace yourself for what I call the Wonder Year. The arrival of a pup may cause you to wonder where your sanity went. Pump up your level of patience because puppies are energetic, curious and sometimes, fearless. One way they investigate is by taste testing their surroundings. They also tend to swallow things that they shouldn’t.... Read more